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The Unclaimed Money Gold Rush!

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By: Martin Williamson

There’s gold in them hills”! That was the mantra of the California Gold Rush of 1849. But today there’s a new gold rush taking place and it’s a thousand times bigger than the Gold Rush of ’49. What is it? Unclaimed Money. But this time it’s not just taking place in the California foothills; It’s everywhere! At least that’s what your local state treasurer is saying. How much money is out there? $100 Billion, to be exact. Now that’s a lot of lost dough! And, depending on the state your money is hiding in, as many as one in every four people is entitled to some of it. There are literally dozens of ways this money becomes lost; forgotten bank accounts, lost stocks and bonds, unclaimed pension fund payments, misplaced tax refund checks, credits from utility companies and credit cards. And of course your long-lost relatives could have left behind a big, fat life insurance policy that nobody in the family even knew existed. Still skeptical? Just ask the Missouri woman who hauled in $6.1 million dollars in unclaimed funds last year—the largest single find in history. Yes. It’s real. And chances are pretty good that YOU could have some serious cash-ola waiting for you! The next question is: How do you find it? Well, you can search on your own by scouring the databases of every state you’ve ever lived in, worked in, done business in (and that includes determining the home office locations of every bank, credit union, utility or credit card company you’ve done business with); and then repeat all of that for each of the relatives in your family tree or…’s where it gets really simple. Instead of doing this work yourself—and it is A LOT of work—just hire an expert. They’ll do an initial search for free and find EVERYTHING that might be out there waiting for you! Don’t know where to start? Just submit your name into the simple search form located on this page. In one click of the mouse, you’ll be off and running! Don’t delay; stake your claim in the new Gold Rush of 2012. Claim your unclaimed cash today!